Abra has developed a proof-of-concept system named 'Dictee' for Topicus Education that digitalizes conversations.

With the rise of digital systems, teaching institutions have required teachers to register increasing volumes of data about their classes and students. Teachers end up spending less time what they actually like doing: teaching.

To make sure all data is registered, teachers often scribble down information during classes and conversations. The notes are entered into the digital system at a later time. This is a classic example of double administration, which is very common.

The developed system uses speech recognition and language processing techniques to digitalize conversations. A smartwatch is used for speech recording because the device is always in the open-air.

The system consists of three core parts:

  1. Speech recording
  2. Speech recognition
  3. Natural Language Processing

Unfortunately, the test results of the implemented system show that speech recognition using a smartwatch is not accurate enough to digitalize conversations. However, the idea is promising and with technological advances and different devices automatic administration has potential.