Abra has developed the iOS version of the 'Mattie' app for Sidekick Mattie. The app is written and swift and makes use of a VPN to block all network traffic while the app is active.

Mattie can be downloaded from the App Store!

The internet keeps asking for more time and attention. Everything on the internet is built to make users spend as much time as possible. Thus, it is hard to ignore your smartphone while studying. However, Mattie offers a solution!

When the app is active you will receive no notifications that might distract you. Therefore you should stay concentrated and the chance to let yourself get distracted by your phone is lower. You will always be reachable by phone calls for emergencies.

Mattie works with the Pomodoro technique. This means you always have breaks while studying. In these breaks you have the possibility to use social media again. You can always respond to a message within 25 minutes.