Abra helps you convert an idea into an app that can actually be downloaded.

My goal is to get your app in the hands of users as soon as possible. Because that is how you truly find out what your users want.

Depending on your idea, I recommend to create a prototype, proof-of-concept or minimal viable product. With all options, the app can be installed on users' devices.

If there is indeed a need for your app, we can continue the development of the app.

In the past seven years I have developed dozens of apps. I have completed the studies Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction & Design. As a result, I have the knowledge to build an app that is technically well designed and also pleasant to use.

The ritual

Developing an app involves more than you might expect. My goal is that the app meets not just your needs, but also the needs of your users. Below you can read how we can achieve this result together.

1. Meet

The first conversation is all about orientation. I would like to hear what idea you have in mind and discuss how to make it happen.

2. Elaborate

Once we come to a mutual understanding of the feasibility, it is time to elaborate. We decide which functions are most important for the first version.

3. Develop

Then it is time to start building your app. During the development progress you will be kept up-to-date.

4. Deliver

You get an app with the most important functions needed for your concept. You can then evaluate the app with users and other stakeholders.

5. Enhance

Once your app has been in the hand of users, they will likely request new features. After figuring out which features make sense to add, we can figure out a plan to enhance your app.

The result

Users love the apps which are created by following the above ritual! Below you find a number of of apps which have been developed according to this ritual. Click on an image to read more.

Your idea

Are you ready to convert your idea to an app? Fill in the form below, or send an e-mail with your wishes to