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About us

Abra was founded in 2019 and has been developing accessible apps ever since. In 2021 we started helping other organizations to make their apps accessible. We focus us on making accessibility straightforward, enabling developers to make effective improvements.


We conduct our services with a team of digital accessibility specialists.

Jan Jaap de Groot

Photo of Jan Jaap de Groot, he is wearing a blue shirt and blue jacket
Co-founder, app accessibility expert

Paul van Workum

Photo of Paul van Workum, he is wearing a light blue shirt
Co-founder, app accessibility accelerator

Julia Zjochova

Photo of Julia Zjochova, she is wearing a white blouse
Digital accessibility researcher


Do you have experience with making apps accessible? Or do you want to learn how to do this? Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

Knowledge sharing

We consider it very important that apps become more accessible. That’s why we strongly support knowledge sharing. We are involved in various initiatives to make as much impact as possible. We started in the Netherlands, but are increasingly active in Europe and the rest of the world.

In 2020 we founded the Appt Foundation. The mission of the Appt Foundation is to make apps accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. We are involved in various projects that make apps more accessible.

The accessibility handbook is opened, showcasing with information about a number of success criteria