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Chapter 2 – About Abra


Thanks for your interest in the Abra kick-off training about the accessibility of apps. My name is Paul van Workum and I am working in the field of app accessibility.

About Abra

Abra builds software to find, solve and prevent accessibility errors. Based on a roadmap we help organizations with all facets of mobile digital accessibility. We do audits, user testing, consultancy and app development.

Appt Foundation

Abra is initiator of the Appt Foundation. The Appt Foundation created the knowledge base We also built the Inaccessible app. It’s a hotline app where people with a disability can report inaccessible apps. And we developed the ScreenReader app, where you can learn how to use the screen reader.

Need help?

Let us help you understand accessibility. Go to or e-mail Paul at or Jan Jaap at Thanks a lot.