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Chapter 10 – Larger Text


Thanks for your interest in the Abra kick-off training about the accessibility of apps. My name is Paul van Workum and I am working in the field of app accessibility.

Larger Text

A different text size is used by 1 in 3 people. 13% uses smaller text, 20% larger. Quite an important setting to incorporate in an app.


In order to make large text work, the app needs to scale. Basically most apps are like websites ten years ago: fixed sizes and things break easily. Your app needs to be responsive.

Landscape mode

We advise combining text scaling with with landscape mode. It combines a lot of the efforts. For users with larger font size the landscape mode is ideal as you can see a real sentence, instead of only three words on each line.


Let me show you how larger text works on iOS.

First we go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Accessibility’, then ‘Display & Text Size’ and then we press ‘Larger text’.

Now you see that the settings are on the third bullet.

The WCAG success criteria require that an increase of 200% should be working. Let’s go to the ninth bullet, to increase the text size with approximately 200%.

Now we go back to the ScreenReader app.


By tilting the phone, you can see five or six words on each line which, especially for larger texts, is really easy to read.