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Full-scope accessibility assessment


In a full-scope accessibility assessment, we test the app against 44 criteria from the accessibility guideline. This research is carried out in accordance with EN 301 549, the European standard for digital accessibility. We use the Appt Evaluation Methodology (based on WCAG-EM), which provides a complete view of the accessibility of an app.

  • You can use the results of this assessment when creating an accessibility statement.
  • Government organizations can use the assessment to prove compliance with legal obligations.


A full-scope accessibility assessment is conducted this way:

  1. Together with you, we determine the scope of the assessment.
  2. We determine which screens are the most important within the chosen scope.
  3. We select the screens to test.
  4. We test the accessibility of the selected screens using 44 success criteria from the accessibility guideline. We report every accessibility issue we find and include an explanation, a screenshot, and a solution.
  5. You will receive a report in which clearly shows all accessibility issues in your app.

Abra focuses on making accessibility straightforward, enabling developers to make effective improvements.

If the accessibility assessment is carried out as part of our advanced program, we help the developers to test the implemented improvements.


You usually receive the report within 2 to 4 weeks.

The report can be delivered in Dutch or English.


A full-scope accessibility assessment costs € 1,760 excluding tax per platform (Android or iOS).

Contact us for a free quote.

The advanced program includes a full-scope accessibility assessment.

An iPhone is being held, the screen shows a list of disabilities.