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Advanced program


The advanced program is the follow-up of our start program. The program is for organization who need long-term, intensive support with the accessibility of their apps.

During the advanced program you get access to the knowledge and guidance of Abra for 6 months.

With the advanced program:

  • Developers gain in-depth knowledge and learn how to prevent accessibility issues;
  • The accessibility of the apps are assessed multiple times, and a large-scale user research is conducted;
  • Knowledge about accessibility is fully embedded within the organization.


We provide developer training for all app developers. We explain dozens of techniques to find, fix and prevent accessibility issues. Developers gain in-depth understanding of accessibility and how to make various types of apps accessible.

We test the apps every three months. These full-scope accessibility assessments provide insight into the progress. This can be used for internal reporting. Abra reports accessibility issues with screenshots, explanations and solutions.

Furthermore, we provide a large-scale user research. We test various flows of the app with multiple users with disabilities. This provides a complete view of the user experience for people using assistive technologies.

In addition, you can always consult us. You can email or call us at any time. We ensure that colleagues do not lose time looking for the right information or the best solution. We speak the language of accessibility and gladly support the developers.

We are not satisfied until accessibility is self-evident and employees have a deep understanding of accessibility. It is our goal that accessibility is considered from the very beginning when developing or designing an app. Abra loves helping organizations to reach this level.


The advanced program takes at least 6 months. During this period, Abra provides developer training, accessibility assessments and user research.

If there are any questions about accessibility during these 6 months, you can email or call Abra unlimited times.


The advanced program costs € 1,500 to € 5,000 excluding tax per month, depending on the number of apps and the size of the team.

Contact us for a free quote.

Kristel Thieme holds the Abra Accessibility Award and Olivier Hokke shows the fully accessible DigiHandig app