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Developer training


The developer training is a technical training for developers. Afterwards, the developers know how to prevent, find and fix accessibility errors.

Our developer training ensures solid knowledge of accessibility within the development team.

We offer an Android and iOS version of this training. In the Android training we use Kotlin code examples, in the iOS training we use Swift code examples.


We go through dozens of techniques to fix accessibility issues. The participants gain in-depth knowledge of accessibility and learn how to make apps fully accessible.

The participants take the developer training online via Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

We provide the training in English or Dutch.


We choose a suitable date and time together. The training lasts 2.5 hours.


The training costs € 2,480 excluding tax per platform (Android or iOS), regardless of the number of employees in the organization.

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The advanced program includes developer trainings.

Jan Jaap gives a developer training, the slide is faded, one of the participants is shown in the foreground