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Small-scale user research


In a small-scale user study, a number of users with a disability from our test panel test the accessibility of your app. These users are using assistive technologies to use apps, such as the screen reader, zoom, or keyboard. These users test some screens of the app and report their findings.


We determine the scope of the user research together. Then, we select users from our test panel. Users receive clear instructions what they should test. We ask users to support their findings with a screen recording or screenshot.

Upon completion of the user research, you will receive a report. We provide advice how to improve the user experience for each finding. The report gives a good overview of how the accessibility of your app is experienced.

Abra focuses on making accessibility straightforward, enabling developers to make effective improvements.


Conducting the user survey and writing the report usually takes 2-3 weeks.


Small-scale user research costs 960 euros excluding tax. This amount includes the compensation for the users from our test panel.

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The start program includes small-scale user research.

A touch gesture is made towards a phone which is lying next to a keyboard.