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Chapter 3 – Why Accessibility?


Thanks for your interest in the Abra kick-off training about the accessibility of apps. My name is Paul van Workum and I am working in the field of app accessibility.

Why Accessibility?

For us at Abra it is to enable everyone to use apps. The goal is that everyone can fully and equally participate.

How many people have a disability?

In the world there are over 1 billion people with a disability which is around 15% of the population. All these people want to use apps using their preferred accessibility settings and assistive technologies. Some users are dependent on assistive technologies like the screen reader, voice control or a keyboard. Other users are dependent on a larger font size or are using zoom.

How many people use accessibility features?

Accessibility research into mobile apps showed that almost half of the app users are using one or more accessibility features. It is important that apps are build accessible to allow everyone to fully participate. Let’s get started.