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Abra would love to help you improve the accessibility of your apps. We provide consulting, assessments and training. We also develop accessible apps ourselves, so we know what we’re talking about.


We can advise you how to embed accessibility in your organization. Accessibility cannot be a one-time thing, but should be an integral part of the internal processes. We offer programs, in which we make sure that accessibility is embedded in your organization. We also offer a punch card for occasional advice.

Accessibility assessment

In an accessibility assessment, we test whether your app meets the accessibility requirements. We test the app with various assistive technologies, including the screen reader. We report every accessibility issue we find and include an explanation, a screenshot, and a solution.

User research

By conducting user research you will learn how users with disabilities experience the accessibility of your app. Understanding the barriers users experience, provide awareness and motivation for colleagues to fix the issues. We can conduct user research with our test panel, or with users of your app. Each issue is reported in text, often with a screen recording or screenshot for clarification.


In our trainings we teach you how to make your app accessible. You will learn how to work on accessibility together with your team. Our kick-off training focuses on the basics of accessibility and is suitable for everyone. Our developer training is a technical training for app developers. More than 2,000 people have attended our training courses! Some of our training is available online in the Abra Academy.

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